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- Cut precise lines without straining back
- Universal attachment
- Creates trimmer edger

- Trimmer wheel


Instead of buying an edger for hundreds of dollars and only using it occasionally, you can buy a trimmer attachment and make an edger device. Instead of having two engines to maintain, now you only have one. Think about the money saved!

Not only that, the Easy Edger can also be used as a trimmer edger. If there is a small part of grass that would be hard to mow, many people would use a trimmer aka weedeater instead. Having a wheel gives a nice even finish. Weedeater

Or maybe there are lots of weeds that would take hours to cut. Having a steady moveable base would sure make that job easier.

For years landscapers have mowed the grass and were able to get a nice manicured look. Now, homeowners can too with a trimmer attachment. After mowing, wheel a weedeater around and get the hard to reach areas. Then, move the wheel to spin vertically (edger) and get along the curb, sidewalks, and islands. It’s easy!

Edger – getting grass along borders, should be done at least once a month. If left unattended, the grass will most likely become very thick and harder to do later.

Trimmer - the act of making all the grass an even height (and getting grass where the lawn mower can’t) (once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly).

Weedeater - the act of cutting down anything unwanted, should occur twice a month. The pros use these as a trimmer edger too.  There aren’t any options for a trimmer attachment wheel though. Also, there are many solutions on the market to spray on and kill weeds.

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