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Easy Edger - An attachment for weedeaters

Parts                     6 wing bolt
1 hex nut               7 plastic cap
2 hand bolt            8 lock nut
3 shoulder screw   9 lock washer
4 center bolt          10 caster wheel
5 caster fork          11 metal clamp

Adjusting Height

a) Raise/Lower Clamp – Loosen the wing bolt and swing the metal clamp around the center bolt.  Lower or raise the clamp until desired height is reached and tighten the wing bolt. 

b) On-the-fly – You can lower the cutting height by lifting the trimmer higher into the air.  Likewise, you can raise the cutting height by dropping your arms.




Wheel Angle

The caster wheel should align with the trimmer head allowing the user to walk in a straight line.  Loosen the wing bolt and spin the clamp piece around until the correct angle is met.  Then tighten the wing bolt and run a test. 




Unscrew the knob.  Put the trimmer shaft in the clamp and tighten the knob until firm.  The angle at which you clamp will produce varying results.    




1) Don’t let the string hit hard surfaces.  The ends will wear down
and be less effective.  For this reason, it’s often better to go slow and take your time.
2) Make the string as long as possible.  The longer the string, the faster it spins. 
3) Quick release heads allow for easy string replacement and exact length.  They work well for edging.
4) **Recommended edging at least twice a month. If an area hasn't been edged in a while, it will be harder and take several passes. Don't get discouraged! After doing it once, future edgings should become easier and easier, especially with practice.

Warning: Do not over tighten.  Follow all trimmer instructions and warnings.    Do not allow children or untrained people to use the Easy Edger.  Wear appropriate eye/ear protection.  Wear heavy long pants, closed shoes and gloves.  Keep long hair away from moving parts.  Do not operate unit when tired, ill or under the influence.  Turn engine off when making adjustments.  Be careful of flying debris; keep people and valuable objects far away.

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