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The Easy Edger converts a weedeater into a wheeled edger. Most professionals turn weedeaters sideways and use them for edging. With the Easy Edger, this technique is easily achieved.

Angle adjustments allow for both straight and curved shaft trimmers. The clamp attaches to poles 7/8" to 1". Height adjustments allow for both tall and short users.

The Easy Edger is lightweight, so the user can edge and trim at the same time without taking it off! Even so, attaching/detaching is as easy as turning a knob.

Having a wheel takes most of the weight off your back, allowing for longer, more focused cutting. Cut precise lines around driveways, islands, fences, and curbs.


--------------------------------------Background of Invention--------------------------------------

String trimmers are commonly used to cut grass, weeds, and other plants. They normally cut on the same plain as the ground in a horizontal fashion. Professionals have started using them in an uncommon way, for edging. This involves turning the device sideways and cutting vertically into the ground to make a defined edge. 

However, most trimmers are heavy and unwieldy, thereby making their use difficult. For example, users must support the weedeaters full weight at a constant height above a lawn, thereby incurring back, shoulder, and arm pain. Additionally, it is more difficult to hold a trimmer sideways at a constant height for edging.

In response, attachments have been designed to support trimmers at a constant height to alleviate some of these problems. However, many attachments are themselves heavy and unwieldy, thereby making their installation, use, and storage difficult. Relatively small and lightweight attachments have also been developed, but they do not provide sufficient adjustability, and the limited adjustment cannot be accomplished without the use of tools, thereby complicating their use. There have been light, easily adjustable attachments made as well, but attachment still isn't easy enough and there aren't enough adjustments available. That or the wheel is either too big or too small for smooth, guided use. 

Furthermore, most of the previous inventions are only for weedeating (horizontal cutting) and not edging (vertical cutting).  The edging is the hard part. Instead of going out and buying a genuine edger that was made for cutting vertically, there needs to be a way for users to convert their trimmer into and edger. 

The prior invention problems include:

a) **too heavy
b) attaching/detaching is too complicated or takes too long
c) wheel is too big/small
d) there is no angle and/or height adjustment
e) angle and/or height adjustment takes too long or is too complicated
f) **can’t be used for both trimming and edging
g) can’t be used on both straight and curved shaft
h) swiveling wheels don’t allow for straight line/ precision cutting

Accordingly, there is a need for an improved trimmer attachment that overcomes the
limitations of the previous inventions.

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